ATC Eclipse Fuzion

ATC Eclipse recognizes that the success of your business and the satisfaction of your customers are your first priorities. Effectively managing your UST/AST operations and complying with regulations is a necessity that you cannot compromise. ATC Eclipse Fuzion is a comprehensive portfolio of products that can be applied individually or as an integrated fuel system management resource. The ATC Eclipse Fuzion focus considers a systematic approach to managing permitting and compliance issues, system maintenance and fuel management.

Management solutions provided by ATC Eclipse Fuzion include:

Compliance Management

  • Permitting Management
  • NOV Resolution
  • Scoping of Testing Needs
  • Testing Management

Facility Remote Monitoring

  • Remote Leak Detection
  • 24 x 365 Alarm Responses
  • Inventory Management
  • Secure Web Access to Your Information

Inspection Management Services

  • Self Compliance Inspections
  • Tracking and Management of Deficiencies
  • Dispatching for Corrective Action

Employee Training

  • Web-Based Online Training
  • Owner/Operator Training
  • Stage II Vapor Recovery Training
  • Class A, B & C UST Operator Training


  • No-Hassle Electronic Storage of Site Documents
  • Easy Online Client Access to Site Records
  • Organized Site Regulatory Information

Let our professional staff be your partner in developing business solutions that help you manage your fuel system challenges. By working together, we can eliminate the worry of regulatory compliance and let you focus on your core business.