Testing & Field Services

ATC Eclipse provides comprehensive petroleum field services to consistently deliver the quality and needs of a storage tank owner.

From state-required Third Party UST Inspections, to providing tank upgrades, sump repairs, ATG repairs and installs, ATC Eclipse will ensure the work meets your highest standards.

We employ the best field personnel who, on average, have more than 10 years of industry experience. Coupling that with a veteran management team, our staff will deliver professional and reliable services to your facilities.

With 26 regional offices, and with a national partner, we can provide these services across the country.

ATC Eclipse provides the following petroleum field services:

Field Services

  • Fuel system Inspections
  • Sump Repairs
  • ATG Upgrades, Repairs and Installations
  • Tank Top Upgrades
  • New Fuel System Installations
  • Remediation
  • Stage II Decommissioning
  • UST to AST Conversions
  • UST and AST Removal/Closure

Compliance Testing

  • Tank testing
  • Line and leak detector testing
  • Impact/shear valve testing
  • Secondary testing of tanks and double wall piping
  • Automatic Tank Gauge functionality testing
  • Spill and Vapor bucket testing
  • Dispenser and Piping/STP sump testing
  • E-STOP functionality testing
  • Helium Pinpointing


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