Inspection Management

As a result of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, periodic inspections of underground storage tanks (USTs) will be performed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and/or state authorities. Additionally, many states have implemented or strongly suggested self compliance inspections on a monthly basis to ensure compliance with the federally mandated periodic inspections. ATC Eclipse is well aware of the challenge this may create for many UST owners and the potential of civil penalties against UST owners who fail inspections. ATC Eclipse has experienced personnel who manage UST compliance for tank owners and perform inspections on a regular basis. They know what to look for and provide guidance for immediate resolution to keep our clients in compliance.

Inspection Management Services include:

  • Condition of spill/overfill protection and associated equipment
  • Evaluation of corrosion protection system
  • Evaluation of release detection system
  • Evaluation of ATG testing and inventory documentation
  • Evaluation of secondary equipment and monitoring
  • Review of in-situ monitoring systems for tanks, piping and vapor
  • Review of site documentation
  • Inspection of dispensing equipment and Stage II vapor recovery equipment
  • Conditional review of site facility including recommendations