Facility Remote Monitoring

The ATC Eclipse Facility Remote Monitoring Service provides central office alarm and release detection management and reporting that really works for you.

Automated data collection across your sites – ATC Eclipse Fuzion uses an advanced technology Command Server to collect and transmit petroleum tank release detection and alarm data even when you have a mix of tank gauges and communication methods. Our ATC Eclipse Fuzion server makes the petroleum equipment at your site, communication-ready at the lowest possible cost. Our highly efficient polling system reduces problems when using your existing phone line. When you connect our site server to the internet, your data is available in real-time. Power and communication failures – no problem, your data is always preserved.

Relying on site personnel will not give you the peace of mind for this very important matter- something which can dramatically impact your business.

There simply is no better way to demonstrate compliance with confidence.

The Technology Drives the System

ATC Eclipse has developed a proprietary process, ATC Eclipse Fuzion, that automatically collects data from UST/AST sensing and dispensing equipment at remote locations and provides central monitoring and management on the performance of release detection, product levels, and inventory reconciliation. Our customers can then view current reports that detail and summarize daily activity and indicate trends via the internet on our ATC Eclipse Fuzion server.

This unique, patent-pending technology and process is not available anywhere else. ATC Eclipse Remote Monitoring is the first to offer this kind of integrated solution to information collection and processing to UST/AST owners, regardless of the tank monitoring device used. We believe ATC Eclipse Fuzion’s unique technology empowers organizations to better understand the factors impacting your business to make "instant" decisions based on factual information, and ensure improved, coordinated planning throughout their enterprise.

Facility Remote Monitoring Services:

  • Produce and distribute required leak detection compliance reports (electronic to HQ, paper copy to site)
  • Ability to communicate, control and manage most industry recognized ATG systems
  • Continuous monitoring of ATG alarms 24 x 365 by ATC Eclipse – Remote Monitoring Call Center
  • Local alarm annunciation and printer remain as backup
  • Immediate automated E-mail or page to notify customer of potential environmental events
  • Daily polling of ATG’s for alarms and inventory
    • Daily electronic report, sorted by alarm type and priority
    • Daily inventory level report for all locations
  • Comprehensive data management; full electronic backup of all compliance reports and alarm histories
  • 24-hour on-line access via web browser
  • Incoming and outgoing telecommunications with each site are included in standard price
    • Gauges are programmed to dial out to the ATC Eclipse remote monitoring center
    • Communication equipment, internet and or monthly phone line charge are not included

Our ATC Eclipse Remote Monitoring services gives you all the data you need to manage your ATGs, and puts ATC Eclipse analysts on-call to respond to and resolve alarm conditions, keeping you in compliance with monthly monitoring requirements.

  • Includes all data and reporting features from Base Service level
  • Remote alarm diagnostics and resolution (voice and/or data line) where possible
  • Schedule and perform remote static tests if results not obtained by predetermined date
  • Dispatch authorized maintenance providers:
    • Customer’s central dispatch department
    • Or – contract authorized service contractor, water pump out company and tank testing company
  • Fuel inventory response included:
    • Provide access to inventory information to customers designated contact on daily report
    • Real-time dispatch to fuel department or fuel transportation firm in response to fuel alarms
  • Identify off-line sites and report daily to customer. Follow-up with sites not contacted by polling for 3 consecutive days.

Our service provides “closed loop” management of all alarms and data.  Alarms and problem conditions are followed through to closure, including state- and local-specific regulatory reporting to the appropriate agencies.

  • Compliance Management follow up on environmental related alarms
    • Contact station operator and perform initial situation assessment; direct on-site actions as appropriate
    • Notify designated customer personnel
    • Notify local, state or federal environmental agency based on specific regulatory requirements
    • Follow through on event through closure. Complete documentation of event and resolution
    • All responses determined according to customer-specific action plan
  • Complete maintenance follow up for ATG alarm problems, excluding invoice processing

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Remote Monitoring Demo

The ATC Eclipse Fuzion database is a systematic approach to managing permitting and compliance issues.  With each orb performing a specialized management approach to your UST needs.  Our Remote Monitoring, the brown orb, provides the tools to monitor your UST's while you are not there.  The Fuzion database connects to your ATG to record information from your ATG and breaks down the information the ATG provides and allows you the user to see everything that the ATG is recording all at once.  You can review alarms, inventory, test results, etc... Watch this short video to learn more and see more specifics about what this brown orb can offer you.