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What is an autodial Failure Alarm?

May 9, 2012 (comments: 0)

If you have a Veeder Root Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) equipped with the proper communication equipment, it can be programmed to automatically call out to another device elsewhere (either a computer or a fax machine) and send specific reports and/or information about alarm conditions.  Let’s say that you want to receive an inventory report every day, or a CSLD report every month, you can program the Veeder Root to send this.  Typically, when a dial out attempt is made (say to a fax machine at your main office), the ATG will connect to the fax machine and transmit the report programmed to be sent.  However, that connection may not always be successful.  For example, if the fax machine at your main office is busy and receiving another fax when the ATG site is calling in, it will not be successful.  The Veeder Root is normally programmed to try again X number of times, waiting X number of minutes between attempts.  If the ATG still cannot successfully connect after those attempts, the ATG will create an autodial failure alarm.  This alarm simply means that the ATG tried to dial out to someone and was unable to do so for whatever reason.

Clearing autodial failure alarms, unfortunately, is not as simple as just hitting a button.  Clearing an autodial failure requires a maintenance technician to visit the ATG, manually connect to the ATG, and send the proper command to the ATG to clear the alarm.  Or, if you prefer not to spend the time and money sending maintenance out, another option is to connect to the site remotely and clear the alarm within moments.  With ECS Eclipse Remote Monitoring services, clearing some alarms like the autodial failure is included with the service, which really adds up in cost savings through reduced maintenance visits.  Check us out for more ways that ECS Eclipse remote monitoring services can reduce your headaches and save you some money!  


- Michael Sawkiewicz, Senior Compliance Manager


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