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January 23, 2012 (comments: 0)

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An ECS Eclipse field service technician recently came across something that made us all cringe.  A shear valve beneath a dispenser had been wedged permanently open with a wrench (see picture below).  Why was the shear valve jerry-rigged like that?  Well, it was probably jamming up and restricting flow at the dispenser.  Whoever decided on the jam-it-open quick fix wanted to solve the problem without regard for larger consequences.


Perspective was lost in this situation.  The shear valve is essential for compliance and for protecting your business and the environment.  If a vehicle were to crash into a dispenser and sever the fuel line to the pump, a properly functioning shear valve would shut off the flow of fuel and prevent a major release.  This wrench will negate the purpose of the shear valve and allow product to gush out onto the site in the event of dispenser dislodgement.


Which would be a greater loss to your business:


            -A temporary shut off of one dispenser to repair the sticky shear valve,




            -A collision with the dispenser causes a release, endangering customers and incurring thousands of dollars in clean up costs?


Bottom line: the equipment is there for a reason.  Make sure it is working.  Functioning compliance equipment is good for your business, good for your customers and good for the environment.


-Brian Yellan, ECS Eclipse Trainer

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