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Fuel Theft & Remote Monitoring - Why the two go hand in hand

February 24, 2012 (comments: 0)

Fuel theft in the US reach as high as  $8 Billion per year

Fuel prices rising by as much as 20% on an annual  basis  has encouraged and spurred on  petroleum wet stock theft from gas stations and truck stops.

This crime is now costing the United States billions of dollars per year according to industry statistics.

The rate of fuel theft is accelerating as climbing fuel prices tempt more and more people and even employees  to steal gasoline, diesel and even heating oil.

We all know that gas is getting pretty expensive. Industry experts  predict by spring,  gas prices will  probably be on average  $4.00 per gallon and as much as 5 bucks per gallon later this year.

Because of this hikes in gas prices some people are taking an extreme route to save money.

Tuesday February 21, 2012 at 1am in Hillsborough County Florida a van pulled into a local BP station and attempted to steal gasoline from the underground storage tanks into their vehicle. 

After some time the thieves left the scene leaving behind several hundred gallons of gasoline in the vehicle as well as spilling gasoline on the station parking lot.

So, could this happen to you? Or more importantly, is it already happening. At your site after hours ( even during business hours)?  Are you protected from fuel theft??

How can you protect from something like this?  Open your station 24 hours?  What about monitoring of your system?

These thefts occur more often than you would realize and ECS Eclipse has found a way to help, just like ADT we monitor your system.

Our constant fuel  monitoring systems manned by a 24x7 team of analysts  will protect your valuable wet stock inventory as well as give you peace of mind. 

The ECS Eclipse Fuel Management Systems and 24x7 team  monitors facilities throughout the United States protecting your assets.

We strive to be your peace of mind, to be your eyes and ears to your underground storage tanks, you may not be able at all times but we can! 

To see more about this   Florida Theft visit:

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-Victoria DiBacco, Compliance Analyst

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