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ECS to be Well Represented at Annual Soils Conference

October 19, 2011 (comments: 0)

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Several Presentations to Demonstrate Collective Expertise

Bill Alpine, ECS' Director of Cost Recovery and Internal Counsel, and Joel Hershey, Director of ECS' ECS Eclipse Fuel System Management Division, will be leading a workshop at this year's Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy at UMASS Amherst on October 17, 2011.        

Their co-presenters will be Raymond Leather, VP of Environmental Affairs for the Cumberland Gulf Group of Companies, and Darryl Gottilla of Berkley Specialty Underwriting Managers.  Mark Hellstein, ECS' CEO, will be moderating the group's workshop, which is titled "Underground Storage Tank Compliance: It's Good for Your Health and Your Financial Security."

The workshop will illustrate a number of areas associated with the various degrees of UST compliance.  Topics that will be discussed include the different forms of compliance that exist and how those requirements could vary and change depending on UST age and system configuration.  Additionally, the panel will discuss how proper compliance can affect the overall cost of cleanup and impact other regulatory bodies, as well as the availability of private insurance coverage or state fund eligibility requirements.

In addition, Joe Hayes and Erik Urch of ECS' Waterbury, VT office will be delivering platform presentations.  Joe's is titled "Pay for Performance Remediation - Using a Combination of Remedial Tools to Achieve Site Closure," and Erik's is called "Evaluating PCE and TCE Vapor Intrusion Potential Adjacent to a Former Dry Cleaning Facility."

ECS is proud to be a sponsor of this esteemed conference, which runs October 17-20, 2011.  For additional information, visit

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