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Daily Inventory Reconciliation

January 12, 2012 (comments: 0)

Did you know that the Ohio Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR) effective earlier this year eliminated the requirement for monthly inventory reconciliation for UST systems?  That’s right, the rule effective May 16, 2011 - O.A.C. 1307:7-9-07 - states that daily inventory control with monthly reconciliation is no longer required.

As required, a method of monthly release detection must be in place for all new and existing UST systems.  However, in certain instances, inventory reconciliation can be temporarily used to meet the release detection requirements.

If the method of release detection becomes defective, the owner must immediately have the necessary repairs or maintenance performed.  While the repairs are performed, the owner may use inventory control or automatic tank gauging (in the case where interstitial monitoring is the method of release detection) for up to 60 days from the last passing result in order to meet the monthly release detection requirements.

Additionally, if the automatic tank gauging system (ATG) is found to be not defective but a monthly passing release detection result cannot be acquired from the ATG due to low product levels in the tank, the owner may use inventory control as an alternative method of release detection for up to 90 days after the last passing result.  Within that 90-day period, the owner is expected to schedule a fuel delivery in order bring the tank fuel level to the needed level.

To read the full rule – Release Detection Methods and Requirements for UST systems, follow this link:

-Megan Kazmierczak

Senior Compliance Manager

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