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An Inspection by Lorenzo

December 8, 2011 (comments: 0)

Tagged under: Spill Bucket

During one of my inspections I do routinely for our clients, I encountered a situation that frankly can happen anywhere, especially here in the Northeast due to weather conditions of freezing and thawing cycles. This is a photo of a broken spill bucket. During a typical spill bucket inspection; I run my hand around the interior of the fill containment checking for seam integrity. The integrity of this bucket has been jeopardized as it is broken and cracked at the bottom allowing the pea-stone backfill to enter into the fill containment area. This will also allow product to leave the containment area and enter the environment in the event of a delivery spill. Fill/Spill buckets need to be maintained clean and dry at all times per regulations. They should be inspected regularly for liquid accumulation and tightness as these areas are one of the most common causes of releases

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