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ECS Eclipse’s Stage I/II training program is available online and designed to assist the owner operator and his or her employees to achieve required training.  Our click through online training and certification meets state and federal training and certification requirements.

Eclipse's online Stage I/II training is approved in the following states: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon

A gasoline dispensing facility (GDF) is a private or public facility where gasoline is dispensed into vehicle fuel tanks.  Gasoline vapors may escape when filling underground storage tanks or vehicle fuel tanks.  Because gasoline vapors contribute to ozone pollution, state and federal regulations require owners of GDFs in certain counties to have equipment to capture these vapors to prevent them from being released to the atmosphere as well as to train personnel in its proper use.

Stage I vapor recovery addresses vapors that would otherwise be emitted from a UST during a refill.  Product entering a tank displaces vapors in the tank.  Stage I vapor recovery routes those displaced vapors back to the fuel delivery truck.

Stage II emission controls reduce gasoline vapors when gasoline is dispensed into vehicle fuel tanks.  This equipment captures displaced vapors at the vehicle fill neck and routes them back to the underground storage tank.  It is important for GDF personnel to be trained and certified in operations of Stage I/II equipment to ensure performance of vapor collection systems.

The information contained in this online training was developed by compliance professionals at ECS Eclipse with the assistance of air quality personnel from around the United States.

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