Wisconsin Class A/B Operator Training


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The 2005 Energy Act requires that all operators of underground storage tanks be trained in relation to their responsibilities for underground storage tanks.  The Act specified three levels of operators;

  • Class A Operator is the person who has primary responsibility for facility compliance including assuring employment of properly trained personnel, retaining maintenance and fiduciary documentation as well upholding all environmental health and safety standards.  One A operator may serve several facilities.
  • Class B Operator is the person who has primary responsibility for the operation and maintenance of underground storage tank systems.  One B operator may serve several facilities.
  • Class C Operator is the daily on-site employee who addresses potential emergencies and alarms.

ECS Eclipse has developed a combined Class A & B Operator training program that addresses all federal requirements for trainings and certification for the operator wishing to obtain certification as an A & B Operator.

This training is divided into 7 lessons.  Each lesson ends with a short quiz to test the student’s understanding of the material.  At the end of the training program there is a comprehensive exam.  The student must pass with an 85% or better on each quiz to proceed to the next lesson and receive a minimum an 85% on the final exam to pass the training.

The training was developed so that the operator may take the training at his/her own pace with the ability to stop at any time and start where s/he left off.   ECS Eclipse has developed a training workbook to be printed before beginning the training program which can be used to assist in taking notes during the training and may be used during the quizzes and exam.  The workbook reinforces the important aspects of the training and may be used for future reference if the student wishes to review his/her training.

Why Choose ECS Eclipse?

  • UST safety and compliance has been our sole mission for over 20 years
  • Course development by collaboration between industry experts and award-winning educators 
  • Comprehensive coverage of regulatory material 
  • Easy management solutions enable employers to access employee training documents anywhere, anytime. Learn more…

Who is ECS Eclipse?

ECS Eclipse has been helping UST owners achieve compliance and reduce fuel related costs for over 20 years.  In addition to excellent training, we offer an array of services to help UST owners save money and reduce risk to the environment.  Learn more…

How Can I Sign up Several Employees For Training?

You can create an account with ECS-Eclipse to purchase training for all of your potential Class A, B and C Operators.  Click here to get started with your firm’s account and receive a quote for group training.